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These are the Terms of Service for the website gamelistmania.com

  • If you are interested in reading our Privacy Policy it can be found here.
  • Gamelistmania.com does not condone any actions of abuse or descrimination of any kind and reserves the right to ban any users and delete any comments that we find offensive.
  • Gamelistmania does not condone any illegal activities or violation of copyright and reserves the right to delete any users or comments that we find to be in breach of these laws.
  • Gamelistmania is a gaming website and so requires that all comments and reviews left on the website be on the topic of gaming. In a users Bio section there is more flexibily to post about un-gaming related matters but we still ask that no spam, graphic, pornographic or offensive text or images are posted to any part of the website.
  • The logo and look+feel of the website belongs to gamelistmania.com however all of the video games, lists and images belong to their respective video game rights holders.
  • Gamelistmania reserves the right to change it's terms of service policy. All changes made to this policy can be found at the page.
  • Anyone who is found to break our Terms of Service may have their account and comments deleted. If the violation is thought to be unintentional then a warning may first be emailed however we reserve the right to delete account we want without warning.

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