Here have a excellent mixture of all of kinds of different websites, blogs, youtubers and podcasts that we really enjoy and would recommend you check out.


  • Emuparadise - A great website which hosts thousands of ROMs for almost every single retro system. One of it's best features is the rating system so you can easily find the best games for each console. They even have guides on Emulators, gameplay, music and all sorts. We love turning there most downloaded games into lists here on Gamelistmania.
  • World of Longplays - The ultimate longplay archive on the internet. This website has an absolutely huge collection of longplays focusing mainly on retro games. We always try to use use World of Longplay videos for our video game pages due to their video quality, comprehensive gameplay and the fact there is NO COMMENTRY. Perfect.
  • Co-Optimus - An interesting website which focuses on Coop games, featuring news reviews and more. My favourite feature of the website is the database of coop games which lets you filter through system and rating. This is the best way to find Couch-Coop games which sadly seem to be a rare commodity these days.
  • Retro-Sanctuary - A website dedicated to retro systems featuring comparisons and top 100 features. When making gamelistmania my first port of call was to this website for the numerous high quality top 100 lists they feature including top 100s for the PS1, N64, SNES, NES, Sega Saturn and many many more.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun - A great website dedicated solely to PC gaming that produces hundreds of high quality PC game reviews as well as other features on hardware and news.
  • GenkiVideoGames - A shop which sells Japanese console games to a western audience. It sells games for all kinds of consoles, versions of games which are unreleased in Europe and America and is well worth checking out if you are looking for a specific title.
  • VideoGameCritic - The Video Game Critic in an independent video game review website which has been going since 1999. They offer an honest opinion on a huge variety of games dating back to the 1970s.
  • NES HQ - The ultimate Nintendo Entertainment System with all the information you'll ever need about the legendary console from editorials, features, hardware, lists, media and much much more! Worth checking out if your a hardcore Nintendo fan or a causal gamer who wants to learn a bit about video game history.


  • Superbunnyhop - One of the best video game critics around at the moment. While his output isn't particularly high, the games he does review have been given a lot of consideration as George gives his honest first impressions on new releases, generally making comparisons to similar titles that have come before, a sort of cross between a history lesson and a game review.
  • GreenHamGaming - A great new youtuber who's main focus is late 90s/early 2000 PC and consoles gaming who makes really interesting videos about the hardware of the time and builds spec PCs
  • JonTronShow - Hmmm....How to describe Jontron? Jontron releases comedy videos around a theme of games (such as games based on Hercules or Titanic) in which he reviews/mocks these games, with small lets play elements. It's easy to see why he is so popular and is well worth checking out.
  • Playstation Access - Although technically part of the Playstation family, they might as well be an indie channel with their laidback style. While featuring somewhat serious gaming journalism with exclusives and interviews, the rest of the channels main attractions 'Friday Feature' and 'Access Granted' take a more lighthearted look at playstation related news.


  • CU Podcast - A really great bi-monthly podcast featuring Pat Contri (of Pat the Nes Punk fame) and his pal Ian Ferguson who mainly discuss modern and retro gaming news, retro game collecting, comic books + movies and wrestling.
  • TOVG Podcast - Another really enjoyable podcast featuring George, Jimmy and Matt who talk about what games they are currently playing and other important gaming news.

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