r/linuxmasterrace: Top 50 Linux Games

1Kerbal Space Program2015PC PS4 XboxOne WiiU
2Sid Meier's Civilization V2010PC
3Cities: Skylines2015PC
4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive2012PC
5Portal 22011PC PS3 Xbox360
6Team Fortress 22007PC
8Europa Universalis IV2013PC
9Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat2007PC
10Hotline Miami2012PC PS3 PSV
11FTL: Faster Than Light2012PC
12Borderlands 22012PC PS3 PS4 PSV Xbox360 XboxOne
14The Battle for Wesnoth2005PC
15Pillars of Eternity2015PC
16Half-Life 22004PC
17Dwarf Fortress2006PC
18Dota 22013PC
19The Talos Principle2014PC PS4

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