IGNs Top 100 Games

21Deus Ex2000PC PS2
22Half-Life1998PC PS2
23Super Mario Bros. 31990NES
24Tecmo Super Bowl1991NES
25Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn2000PC
26Final Fantasy II1991NES
27Burnout 3: Takedown2004PS2 Xbox
28Half-Life 22004PC
29GoldenEye 0071997N64
30Halo: Combat Evolved2001PC Xbox
31SimCity 20001993PC
32Resident Evil 42005GCN PS2 PC Wii PS3 Xbox360
33God of War2005PS2
34Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 22000PS1
35Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty1992PC Gen
36Command & Conquer: Red Alert1996PC PS1
37Wave Race 641996N64
38Madden NFL 20042003PS1 PS2 GCN Xbox
40Virtua Fighter 42003PS2 Arcade

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