Gamesradars Best 25 Atari 2600 Games of All Time

1Pitfall!1982PC NES
2Missile Command1980Arcade 2600 5200
3Super Breakout19782600
6Space Invaders1978Arcade
7Dig Dug1982Arcade NES
8Pole Position1982Arcade PC
9Frogger1981Arcade 2600
10Warlords1980Arcade 2600
12Q*bert1982Arcade 2600 5200 NES
13Ms. Pac Man1982Arcade
14Centipede1980Arcade 2600 5200 7800
15Yar's Revenge19822600
17Raiders of the Lost Ark19822600
18Spy Hunter1983Arcade NES PC
19Joust1982Arcade 2600
20Demon Attack19822600

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