Arcade Sushis 25 Best Playstation Games

1Castlevania: Symphony of the Night1997PS1 Sat
2Final Fantasy VII1997PS1 PC
3Metal Gear Solid1998PS1 PC
4Chrono Cross2000PS1
5Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 22000PS1
6Resident Evil 21998PS1 PC N64 SDC
7Gran Turismo 21999PS1
8Silent Hill1999PS1
9Final Fantasy Tactics1998PS1
10Tekken 31997Arcade PS1
11Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee1997PS1 PC
12Final Fantasy IX2000PS1
13Parappa the Rapper1996PS1
14Tomb Raider1996PS1 Sat PC
15Mega Man X41997PS1 Sat PC
16Resident Evil1996PS1 PC Sat
17Vagrant Story2000PS1
18Street Fighter Alpha 31998Arcade PS1 Sat
19Crash Bandicoot: Warped1998PS1
20Syphon Filter1999PS1

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