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Metric System Re-release Year To Orderby
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14Minecraft2011Xbox360 PC PS3 PS4 PSV + More
12Limbo2010PC PS3 PS4 Xbox360 XboxOne + More
9Hotline Miami2012PC PS3 PSV
9Borderlands 22012PC PS3 PS4 PSV Xbox360 + More
7Fez2012PC PS3 PS4 PSV Xbox360 + More
6Bastion2011PC Xbox360 PS4 PSV
5Shovel Knight2014PC 3DS WiiU PS3 PS4 PSV + More
4Guacamelee!2013PC PS3 PS4 PSV WiiU Xbox360 + More
4Child of Light2014PC PS3 PS4 PSV WiiU Xbox360 + More
4Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)2012PC PS3 PSV Xbox360 WiiU
3Flower2009PS3 PS4 PSV
3Thomas Was Alone2013PC PS3 PSV PS4 XboxOne + More
3Mortal Kombat (2011)2011PS3 Xbox360 PC PSV
3The Wolf Among us2013PC PS3 PS4 PSV XboxOne
3The Swapper2013 + More
3FIFA 142013PS3 PS4 PSV Wii PC Xbox360 + More
2Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time2013PS3 PSV
2The Unfinished Swan2012PS3 PS4 PSV
2Axiom Verge2015PC PS4 PSV
2The Walking Dead: Season 22013PC PS3 PS4 PSV Xbox360 + More

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