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Metric System Re-release Year To Orderby
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18Tetris1984PC Arcade Gen GB GBC
9Sonic the Hedgehog1991Gen
7Sonic the Hedgehog 21992Gen
4Street Fighter II: The World Warrior1991Arcade Gen Sat PS1 SNES
3NBA Jam1993Arcade SNES Gen
3Mortal Kombat II1993Arcade Gen PC SNES PS1 Sat
2The Lion King1994SNES Gen
2Sonic the Hedgehog 31994PC Gen
2Sonic & Knuckles1994Gen
2Mortal Kombat1992Arcade Gen SMS SNES
2Samurai Shodown1993Arcade SGG SMS Gen SNES + More
1Sid Meiers Pirates!1987PC NES Gen
1Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty1992PC Gen
1Gunstar Heroes1993Gen
1Populous1989SNES Gen PC
1Out of this World1991SNES PC Gen 3DO
1Zombies Ate My Neighbors1993SNES Gen
1Batman: The Video Game1989NES Gen
1R.C. Pro-Am1987NES Gen
1NBA Live 971996PC PS1 Sat SNES Gen

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