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Metric System Re-release Year To Orderby
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27Tetris1984PC Arcade Gen GB GBC
24Super Mario Bros.1985NES
20Super Mario 641996N64
20Resident Evil 42005 + More
19Metal Gear Solid1998PS1 PC
19Super Mario World1991SNES
19Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare2007PS3 Xbox360 PC
19Portal2007PC PS3 Xbox360
19Bioshock2007PS3 Xbox360 PC
18Half-Life 22004PC
18Pokemon Red and Blue1998GB
18Grand Theft Auto IV2008PC PS2 Xbox360
18Wii Sports2006Wii
17Portal 22011PC PS3 Xbox360
17The Last of Us2013PS3 PS4
16Super Mario Bros. 31990NES
16Grand Theft Auto V2013PS3 PS4 Xbox360 XboxOne PC
16Batman: Arkham Asylum2009PS3 Xbox360 PC
15Left 4 Dead 22008PC
15The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker2002GCN

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