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What we do

GameListMania is a small independent website dedicated to bringing you top 100 game lists from around the web whether they be for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Sega, PC or Linux - We don't care as long as its list based! We then let our members keep track of the games they've played through our tick system so they can see how many of the IGN Top 100 games they still need to play to be considered 1337, or laugh at how stupid a top list is because you disliked every single game on the list. The choice is yours.

Who we are

We are a small team of dedicated gamers/website developers who decided to spend a bit of our spare time making this website to learn more about video games in general and test our programming skills.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for this website came from 3 places. The love of video games. The love of icheckmovies. And the hate of the way websites would format their top 100 lists.

Growing up in the 90s, we all started gaming with the 5th generation of consoles, playing the PS1, Sega Saturn, N64, as well the Gameboy, and have been gaming ever since!

Although not video game related icheckmovies.com helped us discover new movies by itemising existing lists and allowing you to tick off films you've seen. You could say that we wanted to create the new icheckmovies but for video games.

And finally our dislike of the way websites would put a single entry on a single webpage, meaning you had to click through 100 pages, wait for 100 pages to load and suffer through 100 different adverts. The subject matter was interesting but the usability was horrible so we decided to offer gamers an easier way to view the collective wisdom of the gaming media.

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